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“Chalk This One Up As a Loss”

June 16, 2010


4:45 in the morning and there’s no way I can get to sleep right now … A combination of a screwed up sleep schedule from tour and having someone on my mind is what’s causing it. Our show in Kalamazoo fell through. I called the venue before we were leaving Chicago only to find out […]

Buffalo, Hippies, and Manhunts

June 15, 2010


I had to go back and look where I left off at the last one. It’s been a couple days and things are starting to run together. Lack of sufficient sleep is making one day blend into the next. Falling asleep when the sun comes up and sleeping away most of the morning will do […]

Sitting in a Hammock in Milwaukee

June 12, 2010


I managed to get in the hammock. I don’t know how I’m going to get out though. I always fall in these things. Ten bucks says it’s going to end with me faceplanting into the rocks underneath. We’re at Frank’s aunt’s house right now. They had donuts and bagels and fresh fruit for us this […]

Max’s Cheese Castle

June 11, 2010


Second leg of tour: I’m sitting in Milwaukee right now at our friend, philip’s, apartment. It’s a giant apartment with nothing in it. They just moved in and their first night here was our first night here too. Crossing the Illinois/Wisconsin border yesterday the first thing I saw was Max’s Cheese Castle. I’m expecting everything […]

I’m Accident Prone

June 8, 2010


Did you know they use coke for nose bleeds in the hospital? Medicinal coke but no medicinal marijuana. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. About a month ago I dislocated my shoulder in the middle of the woods. I put it back myself, Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon-style. It went out again just a few […]

“Touring, Touring, Is Never Boring”

June 6, 2010


“Crusing down the highway at 500 miles an hour baby” We’ve got 3 days until we leave for the next show so after Kansas City we came back to Evansville. I got home around 9am this morning. We drove straight through the night. Frank, Austin, and Bob drove from 1 until around 5 and then […]

Kansas City Drivers Are The Worst

June 5, 2010


First off … people cant drive for shit in Kansas City. The part of town we’re in right now, near where we are playing, is beautiful. A lot of hipsters and smelly hippies though. I was kinda scared coming in. Between the crazy drivers and some of the people I could have sworn we were […]