Journal entry number uno (that’s spanish for one)

Posted on June 4, 2010


Much like Doug Funny I’m insisting this is a journal, not a diary. Diaries are for girls. Journals are for men and their adventures.

My purpose is to keep track of what I’m doing on tour because I have a horrible memory and 10 years down the road I’m not going to remember shit.

I’m on the road with A Hero En Route. It’s pretty cool because two of my friends from preschool and kindergarden are in this band and it’s the first time I’ve really hung out with them in years. Literally. Its been since elementary school. I’m kind of like a tour manager. Keeping track of things. I’m kind of like a roadie. Carrying shit. Either way it’s what I love doing.

My major is arts management. I’d love to one day be a band manager. This is the beginning of it though, tour managing. I’m not really sure how interesting this will be but some friends told me I should keep track of what I do so here it goes:

My day began with waking up at 7am to Jon calling me. No problem, I was waking up at 7:15 anyway. It gave me a 15 minute jump on my day. We all got our shit together and left Evansville around 8.

From Evansville to Des Moines it’s an 8 to 9 hour ride. Everything went pretty smooth until Iowa. First off, I’ve never liked Iowa. The whole state smells like pig shit and anyone I’ve ever ran in to was an ass. Apparently it’s also a technological black hole because our gps started freaking out not knowning where we were at. Then our gas gauge starts showing empty like we just burned through a whole tank of gas in 100 miles. THEN the check engine light comes on. THEN we start smelling gas and burnt rubber. So we pulled over in the middle of nowhere to give it a breather and check the fluids. Turns out the gas gauge doesn’t work correctly. At least that’s the conclusion we came to. Right now it’s 10am Friday and I’m staring at a flat tire so we’re taking the “Red Rocket” in to get all of this checked out after we get a shower and our stuff together.

So after the car trouble I drive another hour to Des Moines and we get to the Ritual Cafe. Small stas, NO ONE there. No other bands. Just us and the workers. The guys have a friend named Evan here … nice guy … he came out to watch. They played great though. We made $2 because Evan bought a cd. On the bright side we got a free beer and free vegetarian quiche. Good stuff. I’d never had it before. The guy there said t was like an “egg pie”. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

After the show we went out with Evan to a bar called Peggy’s and had a few drinks. It was a good time. I’ve know Bobby and Jon forever so it’s great catching back up with them on this tour and Jacob, Frank and Austin are awesome dudes. This summer is going to be great.

Well, it’s time to help put on a spare and get this thing to a shop. Tonight we’re in Warrensburg, MO. It’s about a four hour drive so we should have some time after we get this all fixed. Man I hope there’s nothing wrong with the car.

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