We Didn’t Have To Sleep in the Car

Posted on June 5, 2010


So apparently it costs $75 to hook up a machine and tell you why your gas gauge isn’t working. It also takes 2 hours. No thank you Midas, I’d rather not get screwed and keep that $75. Our tire was completely drestroyed so we got a new one and had the oil changed. We’re just goig to have to guess on the gas and fill up every 200 miles or so. We took the car in to the shop in Des Moines. I’m throughly convinced that Iowa blows. I don’t think there’s any chance for Iowa to make this one up. Des Moines is okay but avoid the rest of it like the plague.

Last night they played at the 400 Bar in Warrensburg. Nice little town. A little old, pretty small. The bar was on what looks like the main strip of their downtown area. REAL interesting place. One side of the venue had a stage, a little “VIP” area if you want to call it that, and a pool table. Pretty standard bar. However, walk through a door and you are transported to another world with stripper poles on the bar and in the middle of the floor. Evidently it was a, how do I put this … urban dance club. Trying to load our equipment out was a challenge. Not only did we have to dodge gold chains and and people making out on the dance floor but when you’re carrying cases it gets difficult to nit run in to someone while staring at two women grinding on stripper poles. The back door to load out was in the dance club and we had to cut across the floor to get to it. On multiple occasions I got dirty looks for being a white kid in the way. It was fun though.

We met this awesome band, Landing on the Moon. They opened the show. Great music. Those guys (and girl) are some of the nicest people i’ve met. The venue owner was able to get us a discounted motel room and the Econolodge in the next town so before the show the guitiarist of LotM and I got to go on a nice little bonding adventure together to reserve the rooms. Everyone at the venue was real nice. They gave us some free beer and afterwords sold us a case of Sam Adams for $20, which Jon made by moving some drunk guy’s car for him. I was inside figuring out our getting paid situation and the dude came up to the guys and said he couldn’t move his car because he was too drunk and there was a cop beside him and asked Jon to move it for him. Not expecting anything for it Jon moved his car. Before the guy leaves he hands him a 20 and says thanks. “No, thank you sir for the beer money. Now have a safe drunken drive home.”

Once paid we headed to Knob Noster to go to our motel. Try saying Knob Noster after a few beers and see if you don’t laugh. Seriously, why would you name you city that? We hung out with Landing on the Moon for the rest of the night, drinking our practically free Sam Adams and talking music and sports. We finally called it a night around 4:30 and tried to crash. I then woke up around 8 this morning to catch the end of the free breakfast. We’ve been spoiled these first two nights with places to sleep and friendly people to drink with. I don’t think the rest of the tour is going to be this easy. Tonight we’re in Kansas City at the Riot Room which is only an hour from here. After two nights of small turnouts I’m really hoping this show is going to go well all around. There should be a decent crowd. The guys weren’t happy with their performance last night (i think they did pretty damn good) so hopefully they don’t let that psych them out. I’m sure they’ll play fine.

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