“Touring, Touring, Is Never Boring”

Posted on June 6, 2010


“Crusing down the highway at 500 miles an hour baby”

We’ve got 3 days until we leave for the next show so after Kansas City we came back to Evansville. I got home around 9am this morning. We drove straight through the night. Frank, Austin, and Bob drove from 1 until around 5 and then Jon and I drove from 5 to 9-ish. Jacob just slept the whole time, the bastard. (Just kidding Jacob, you know I love you.) To be fair Jacob got screwed a little on driving the first day.

I don’t think I have ever appreciated air conditioning more than I do now. The car has it but it sucks down gas so fast we can’t really afford to run it. Of course today it feels great outside. In Missouri we started to notice the temperature difference. It was actually really cool this morning which was a huge change from the humid weather we’ve been in.

So with the first leg of the tour done we’ve realized some things we need to do different. For one, we need to bring more food with us. We can’t afford to spend money at restaurants. Obviously every now and then we’re going to go to a bar or buy a cup of coffee or something but the less we can spend the better. Also, I need to get some stuff to make our merch table a little more appealing. I mean having an incredible handsome man such as myself behind the table helps but it only does so much for selling t-shirts. We’re going to have to make sure we send out fliers to all the local bands on the bill with us. For some reason venues don’t want to take the initiative to promote or make a flier. It doesn’t make sense to me. Nobody wants to make them. You’d think the promoter would want people to come to the show so they can make money.

Kansas City was pretty cool. It seemed really sketch when we first got there. Well, it WAS pretty sketch when we first got there. It all depends on the area of town I suppose. We hung out in what seemed like the arts district. There were a ton of bars, coffee shops, clothing stores and venues (and pretty sweet graffiti) but even in the “nice” area we saw 4 cop cars pull up, the officers get out, disappear down the street only to come back 5 minutes later, jump in their car and take of with lights and sirens blaring while a police van that’s used to take multiple people to jail drove around the block. Oh, and then we saw a fire truck take a wrong turn and double back in front of the venue. Funny but scary to think about putting your life in their hands. You’d think they’d make those guys take a drug test before letting them drive one of those things.

The Riot Room was pretty cool. The promoter for the show, Neil, was a super nice dude. They had a DJ inside while we played outside on the patio and then after our show was finished a DJ was on the patio while the hip-hop started inside. It made for an interesting mix of people but everyone seemed to dig all of the music. It was nice to see people come to a bar for music. So much different than Evansville. That’s why I love going on the road though. I get to see new, different places. It’s a lot different than say going to St. Louis to go to the zoo or art museum. You get to see what the local people are like. Every city has it’s own feel and I love that.

I didn’t get to check out the hip-hop show last night because I spent most of my time either waiting around for our money or trying to find the guy that had our money. Frank and Jacob checked it out for a while and said it was really good though. While standing around on the patio a (very drunk) guy came up to me and started talking. Mid-convo he pulls out an eighth of weed, no baggie, from his pocket and starts rolling a joint in the middle of everyone. What the hell Kansas City? Are you that relaxed or is that dude just that crazy? He walked over to his friends (I’m assuming his friends, or just some other really drunk people) fucking lit the thing up. Kansas City-ians know how to party. We stayed sober which helped me realize how drunk everyone else was.

In the last 48 hours I’ve had 7 hours of sleep. Pretty exhausted but I’m loving it. I’m going to try to not pass out in the shower.

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