Max’s Cheese Castle

Posted on June 11, 2010


Second leg of tour:

I’m sitting in Milwaukee right now at our friend, philip’s, apartment. It’s a giant apartment with nothing in it. They just moved in and their first night here was our first night here too.

Crossing the Illinois/Wisconsin border yesterday the first thing I saw was Max’s Cheese Castle. I’m expecting everything in Wisconsin to be cheese related now but sadly it isn’t. I’m going to have to check out this cheese castle place on the way back out of the state. Who doesn’t want to see a cheese castle? It sounds magical.

So not a lot of cheese in Milwaukee, but a lot of breweries. Which is what we plan on doing today. That or there is a free (I hope free) concert downtown with All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Third Eye Blind. Nobody I care about the music but it’d be interesting to see.

Last night the guys played a Club Garibaldi’s. They gave us free food and beer all night which was cool but charged us 150 for the sound guy which was not cool. We broke even.

The stage was awesome and the band played great. I had to sit at the door all night and charge people money. There was a group of about 20 people in suits that came in to the room to drink before we started charging and just sat there. I left them alone for about an hour and a half until the show was about ready to start and I went up to then and politely told them there was live music going on and that we were charging $6 at the door but since they had been there for so long and didn’t actually come for the music they could just pay $3. They, not so politely, told me know. In fact a large bald douche bag told me “how about we don’t pay you, we keep sitting here and we drink our beers.” they owner said we could kick them out if I wanted but I had a better plan. Anytime one of them left to get another beer from the bar and come back in I told them it’d be six bucks if they wanted to go back to their group of friends. I gave them the opton of three and they said no, that was their chance for a discount. Well the large bald douche was the first to leave and come back in. He didn’t like my idea too well and I told him he can go sit in the bar by himself for the rest of the night. He got his friends together and left. Fine with me, assholes.

Everybody at the bar was awesome. The owner and sound guy were real cool and gave me advice on live shows and promoting and stuff like that. There was this ridiculously drunk dude named Paul who kept talking to me about BP and Native Americans and iPhones. I couldn’t really follow what he was saying … He was pretty damn drunk. Nice guy though.

My shoulder is killing me. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon when I get back. I think I fucked it up pretty bad. Sleeping on floors and in the car probably isn’t the best for me but I love touring.

Off to find some cheese and or beer. And now I leave you with a picture of Milwaukee from Philip’s awesome apartment.

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