Sitting in a Hammock in Milwaukee

Posted on June 12, 2010


I managed to get in the hammock. I don’t know how I’m going to get out though. I always fall in these things. Ten bucks says it’s going to end with me faceplanting into the rocks underneath.

We’re at Frank’s aunt’s house right now. They had donuts and bagels and fresh fruit for us this morning when we woke up. Extremely nice people. The guys are inside watching the world cup with Frank’s cousins.

Last night we were in Oshkosh. First off, it’s a damn ghost town. Second, I saw more seagulls there than people. We tried feeding them some salami but they weren’t really feeling it. The place we played at was The Reptile Palace. Total metal bar. During the first bad someone yelled “Slayer!” and then “Where’s the cocaine? I need to wake up!” We did not have high hopes for that show. Turns out everybody in the bar really seemed to like A Hero en Route (they spelled it “in Route” on the board in the bar). The bar tender/owner was real nice and we got $50 despite the small turnout. I think we were all in agreement that Oshkosh was not our favorite place. All the buildings we either abandoned or closed. One of the only places open was a book store called Paper Tiger were Jacob found his future wife. She just doesn’t know it yet. We’re going to go back and rescue her from her small town life and take her to the big city. We don’t know her name. In fact she said “you guys look like a band. You have that look about you” and then went on to say that it’s not a good look to go for and that, basically, it means we’re bad news. Ehh … Whatever.

We’re leaving for Chicago soon. We’re playing at Red Line Tap. Oh, and I got out of the hammock without hurting myself.

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