Buffalo, Hippies, and Manhunts

Posted on June 15, 2010


I had to go back and look where I left off at the last one. It’s been a couple days and things are starting to run together. Lack of sufficient sleep is making one day blend into the next. Falling asleep when the sun comes up and sleeping away most of the morning will do that to you I guess.

So we played Chicago at a place called the Red Line Tap. Cool bar. Nice stage and monitors. Nobody really there because they didn’t promote worth a shit. Oh yeah, and we didn’t get paid. The way it works there (I would suggest never booking there if you’re a touring band new to shows in Chicago) is that they take a poll at the door and you must have at least 10 people say they are there specifically for you. If you don’t get 10 people, you don’t get paid. the door guy was nice though, until he wouldn’t give me any money. And I got to talk to a large Mexican guy while I sat at my merch table. He told me he used to drive through southern Indiana all the time on his way to Kentucky to pick marijuana plants.

We did get 25% off food at the Heartland Cafe around the corner. Their speciality is buffalo. So we all ate some damn buffalo. I had the burger, not bad. Not as good as the elk burger at Nick’s in Bloomington, but still pretty good. Everyone got buffalo, except Jacob. He was a puss with his grilled cheese. (Just kidding Jacob, you know I love you.)

We didn’t have a place to stay in Chicago so we drove to Purdue that night to stay at Austin’s again. We didnt get there until 5:30am. We passed out, I woke up around 11 or so and went for a walk while everyone else slept until 1 or 2.

That’s the way tour has been working. I wake up about two hours before everyone else, do some stuff, clean the far out, eat breakfast, just do shit while everyone else sleeps. Much like right now. Everyone else is passed out. I’m sitting here typing a blog, about to go outside and get a poptart. The s’mores kind.

Sunday night was Marion Indiana. Pulling on to town we didntb ave high hopes for this place. It didn’t look too friendly. We got to Beatnik’s Cafe and it wasn’t open. We were 30 minutes passed load in time and no one was even there. So we stand around for a few and up pulls the coolest dude to be in Marion since James Dean. This guy was a total beatnick for sure. He used to set up shows in towns were the KKK were holding rallies in hopes of getting people to go see music instead of the rally. He’s won awards for stuff like that. His bar is decorated in some of the coolest signs and stuff that I’ve ever seen. My favorite was a cloudy mirror that said “Life isn’t always clear. Is it?” He told me some of the stuff was for sale so we could make room for new stuff. I asked about that mirror. He said no. If he we’re so damn cool I’d go back and steal it. The show would have sucked because no one was there but the bar was awesome and so were the six people in there. He gave us $27 and we sold $20 in merch. Not a total loss.

Last night was Martyr’s back in Chicago. We got our own green room up stairs. It was pretty damn awesome. We hung out there and had a good time. Came down, checked out a few songs of Geri X. She was a great singer. Her and her guitarist were super nice. It was just the two if them playing guitar. They said they were giving the rest of their band some rest. They traveled in this old Mets bus that they added bunks and a tv to and drive around with her two dogs named after characters in Big Touble in Little China.

The guys weren’t too happy with their show last night. There weren’t a whole lot of people to begin with but some lelft in the middle of their set. That’s always frustrating and hurts the moral. We quickly forgot about that though when we realized we stuck in the middle of some kind of police pursuit.

So we’re driving away from the venue. Downtown Chicago. Wrigly field area or something (I don’t know my areas of Chicago. But it wasn’t run down or anything. Not a ghetto area by any means). We see a police SUV pass, lights on. We pull over to let him pass. Another one, we let him pass. Another. Another. We can’t move 5 feet without having to stop. Another one goes by and turns right in front of us. A cop in a bullet proof vest jumps out and starts searching alleys behind houses. We pull forward a little and see what looks like an all out man hunt in the next street. The next block, right at the intersection we’re driving through, there’s a police car on fire. What the fuck man? Is this normal in Chicago?

We’re staying outside Chicago at their friend Tyler’s right now. We’re headed to Kalamazoo in a few hours if I can get them up and packed in the car. We’ll see about that.

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