“Chalk This One Up As a Loss”

Posted on June 16, 2010


4:45 in the morning and there’s no way I can get to sleep right now … A combination of a screwed up sleep schedule from tour and having someone on my mind is what’s causing it.

Our show in Kalamazoo fell through. I called the venue before we were leaving Chicago only to find out that they hadn’t booked any locals for this show. I emailed them weeks ago and this could have been taken care of if only they had gotten back to us. Lesson learned: if a venue doesn’t get back to you at least a week before the show, don’t play it. Chances are they aren’t holding up their end of the deal.

Our next day (technically today) was a day off in Grand Rapids with Franks family. The next show, our last one of this leg, was supposed to be in Saginaw. Again, I had to call this venue because no one had responded. Turns out we’d be playing with a band called the Honky Tonk Zeros. Doesn’t sound like they’d mesh well with A Hero en Route. We saw absolutely no promotion, we weren’t on any calendar promoting this event. It just doesn’t make sense for us to drive THAT far only to not get paid and then drive 9 hours back to Evansville. We just can’t afford that much gas.

On the upside, they get to spend 3 more days writing new stuff, we have 3 more days to work on booking/promotion for the end of July/beginning of August, and I got to see Allie 3 days earlier than I thought I would.

I have a doctors appointment on Monday to find out about my shoulder. Hopefully I’ll still be able to tour through July. If surgery is needed I’m pushing for August when I’ll have some down time before moving all my stuff into my new house. We leave again for a few days on the 26th and then head south playing shows on the way to Atlanta on the 1st.

I’m sitting on the porch and I can see the sun coming up. Maybe it’s time I try to get some sleep.

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